Trading Course

Welcome to the crypto trading course where I share with you my personal strategy! I am Michaël van de Poppe and after years of dedicated work and gaining a thorough understanding of trading crypto, I am beyond excited to present to you my trading course. This course is perfect for you if you want become a profitable trader.
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What to expect

This is what you may expect from the Trading Course

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The vision behind the Trading Course

Trading the cryptocurrency markets might be challenging at the beginning, I remember how it felt when I had no clue how to enter into altcoins or profitably trade the crypto markets. For the past years, I have been meaning to create something that makes learning how to create a little less complicated for you. This is why I have put together this course. Besides the theoretical aspects of trading, I also share my entire personal trading strategy in the course.
This trading course consists of everything you need to know about trading cryptocurrencies and how you can build a proper setup and trade the trends, ranges and more. Besides that, it also contains all the must-knows regarding trading altcoins and at what point in a cycle you should buy them.
This trading course gives you a hands-on approach to the world of trading and investing cryptocurrencies. It is designed to give you more confidence entering the markets and give you a toolkit to maximize bull cycles and minimize your risk in bear cycles!

Trading Course

Michaël's personal strategy covering trade set ups, screening the markets, timing cycles and much more!

€500,- only €399,-

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The content of the Trading Course

When you complete this course, you will have an digestible overview of trading strategies and an in depth understanding of Michaëls personal trading strategy

Theoretical must-knows of trading crypto

1.1 Introduction and short recap of the Crypto 101 Course

2.1 What is technical analysis and why do I use it?

2.2 Which tools to use and how to set up Tradingview

2.3 Tutorial Broker (Bitvavo)

2.4 Tutorial Exchange (ByBit)

2.5 RSI & divergences 

2.6 MA’s 

2.7 Fibonacci 

2.8 Volume as a leading indicator in trading

2.9 Journalling your own trading

Risk Management

3.1 Investing vs. trading 

3.2 Portfolio diversification 

3.3 The definition of risk

3.4 Risk in trading defined 

3.5 Standard risks and mistakes made in trading

When to trade altcoins

4.1 Crypto cycles and seasonality

4.2 Differences between USD and BTC valuations of altcoins

4.3 How to see strength in altcoins (money flow)

4.4 Difference between trading and investing into altcoins (newer altcoins)

Trading Technicalities

5.1 Top-down analysis & trading on different timeframes

5.2 Support & Resistances

5.3 Trends & Ranges (accumulation/distribution) 

5.4 Order Blocks 

5.5 Liquidity  

5.6 How to build a set-up with TP, SL and Entry?

Common patterns

6.1 Continuation patterns in a trend 

6.2 Reversal patterns 

6.3 Accumulation patterns

Michaël's Personal Trading Strategies

7.1 How I determine the right time to buy altcoins

7.2 How I trade a range

7.3 How I trade breakouts (fakeouts)

7.4 How I maximize trading a trend

7.5 How do I determine when I enter a trade?

Psychology of Trading

8.1 Define your targets

8.2 Compound your profits 

8.3 Overtrading & revenge trading

8.4 Top 10 personal mistakes

Trading Course

Michaël's personal strategy covering trade set ups, screening the markets, timing cycles and much more!

€500,- only €399,-

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