About Michaël

My name is Michaël van de Poppe and I am a 30 year old Economist, Crypto Expert and Trader from the Netherlands. My own adventure into crypto began in February 2017 when a friend introduced me to Bitcoin and altcoins. I jumped right in, purchasing my first altcoins - Digibyte - on Litebit that very same day. As I delved deeper, reading about Bitcoin and the transformative potential of blockchain, my background in economics led me to a realization - this technology could revolutionize our financial system. Fast forward a year, and I was fully invested in the crypto world, going full-time trading crypto on the first day of 2018, right after the bull market.
A few months later, I founded my company, MN Trading, and set up office at the Amsterdam Stock Exchange. This company started as a crypto community where I wanted to help educate fellow enthusiast and further develop my own trading skills. The subsequent years, 2018 and 2019, were challenging but highly educational, and my efforts began to bear fruit in 2020 and 2021 as the team grew.
In 2023 I wanted to give more substance to the educational aspect of my company. Which is why I have launched my first course in the second quarter of 2023, a Crypto 101 Course, to help people kickstart their crypto journey. In January 2024 I will launch a second course, where I will delve deep into how to trade and my personal trading strategy that I have perfectionated over the last 6 years and two bear markets.
During 2023, I have been working towards my next professional steps, as by this time I had been running the crypto community for almost 6 years. Together with my new team, we decided that MN Trading has to keep growing and evolving, just as I personally have. Therefore, we have shifted the company from a crypto community to a more professional entity. In November 2023, we proudly launched MN Trading Consultancy. With this service, we offer one-on-one consultancy to private individuals and corporations. We are also developing Asset Management solutions for our clients, on which we will share more details at a later stage.

Blockchain Economy Summit Dubai 2023

Michaël participated as a keynote speaker at Blockchain Economy Summit Dubai 2023 in October.

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Bitcoin Conference Amsterdam

Michaël participated as a keynote speaker at Bitcoin Conference Amsterdam 2023 in October.

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Blockchain Economy Summit Istanbul 2023

Michaël was a keynote speaker at Blockchain Economy Summit Istanbul 2023, sharing his vision for the future of blockchain technology alongside global thought leaders and industry experts.

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Social Media

Besides setting up MN Trading, I have also created a big following on social media under the pseudonym CryptoMichNL or Crypto Michael.
Through the reach I have, I hope to inspire people to create a stable financial situation for themself. I also enjoy sharing my views on the crypto market, macro economy and further educating people regarding crypto and trading.