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    We regularly ask our members for feedback to help us improve our services. Here's what they've told us so far:

    • After trading for a while on my own, and being able to do some succesful trades, I was looking to step up my game. When I found the group, I was overwhelmed with the information. The content and the community were one of the leading factors for me to be able to grow as a trader.

      Premium since 2020
    • I'm very thankful for this platform. It helps me to improve my trading skills which are getting better day by day. Thank you!

      Premium since 2021
    • Coming from another paid group, off which several with positive experiences, I must say MN Trading is a real refreshment. They hit the right balance between content for beginners and experts. The expertise from the team is awesome, keep it up!

      Premium since 2020
    • I find it very supportive, comforting, and stable to see that you guys respond and act the same in different situations. Whether the market goes up or down, you guys have answers for me. I think the stability is one of the most valuable things in this platform, your attitude teaches me a lot.

      Premium since 2020
    • The team have been very supportive and welcoming from the beginning and I soon felt like I was part of a family, even though I was just a newbie. But what I think is most valuable here is their trading education content, which improved my trading skills exponentially! I can honestly say that, if it wasn’t for the MN Trading team, I would have probably gone bankrupt in the 2022 bear market. I’ve tried several premium memberships over the years with various trading “experts”, some better, some worse, but in my opinion none of them even came close to the value MN Trading provides.

      Premium since 2021
    • Ever since joining the group back in 2019 as a noob who hit big during the crash in 2018 I have to say I've learned a LOT from the group. The educational content helped me gradually gain more knowledge on the know-hows of crypto and trading. Would recommend the group to everyone.

      Premium since 2019
    • As a fulltime dad and lawyer, I don't have too much time to spend on my hobby's. The content in the group is awesome and gives me great tangible packages of information to get straight to the point.

      Premium since 2021
    • You guys have always been very helpful in answering my questions, I love the energy within the Discord. I've been in several paid groups and my experience with MN Trading is by far the most positive one, would for sure recommend!

      Premium since 2020
    • This is one of the best overall platforms out there. Their traders are experienced and knowledgeable in crypto, stocks and Forex. Having direct access to them is amazing. When I say direct access I don’t mean some tips or articles posted on the site here and there. I mean live chat rooms with them and the rest of the community. They are available and willing to answer questions, go over charts, etc. Most importantly, they are patient with everyone, no matter what their experience level is. Even when the markets are boring there is still the community to interact with and the team is always adding new educational content.

      Premium since 2022
    • I got into crypto in March 2021. The group has helped me a lot during the crash in May. They kept me calm and made sure I didn't do anything stupid. Very fortunate to be a part of this community.

      Premium since 2021
    • Despite a small equity size, within the first month of joining this group, I already feel confident in my decision to stay. Your guidance on risk management, patience, and emotional detachment in trading has significantly reduced my stress levels and proved rewarding. The membership fees have quickly justified their value and the membership is payed for several months in realized profits. This first month has been a successful and rewarding period as I alongside the growth on my own wallet also passed the initial stage of my funded challenge.

      Premium since 2023


    This is our premium membership. Become a member of our community with access to Michaëls strategy and portfolio's, trade ideas and personal guidance.

    from €99,- /month

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