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  • Trading Course

    Michaël's personal strategy covering trade set ups, screening the markets, timing cycles and much more!

    €500,- only €399,-

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    We have created several packages and programs for our clients to enroll in and receive personal guidance on their crypto investments.

    Trading Course

    Michaël's personal strategy covering trade set ups, screening the markets, timing cycles and much more!

    €500,- only €399,-

    Crypto 101 Course

    The all-round Crypto 101 Course on the entire crypto ecosystem, including technical & fundamental analysis.

    €350,- only €249,-

    What Others Say...

    We regularly ask our clients for feedback to help us improve our services. Here's what they've told us through our Google Reviews (4.9*) so far:

    • I have been working with Michael since January 2021. He has always been professional, reactive, available and friendly but most importantly of great advises. In this crazy crypto space, Michael and his team are consistently keeping their integrity, raising the bar to provide value for their community and clients. I am very pleased with their new service (consultancy), the strategy and set up meet my risk appetite and their approach has provided heavy gains from the start while feeling safe. I will remain a client for years to come. I find this approach (multi assets, rebalancing, portfolio management, risk/reward) guided by Michael the best way to increase significantly my net worth while feeling on the safe side. Michael is one of the best out there. Highly recommended!

      Alexandre Olive
      Premium since 2021
    • I recently completed MN Trading's crypto trading course and was very impressed by the exceptional expertise of Michael. His deep understanding of the crypto market and ability to convey complex concepts clearly made learning both engaging and effective. The course content was always up-to-date, reflecting the latest trends and strategies in the fast-evolving world of cryptocurrency. Post-course, I've noticed a marked improvement in my trading decisions, thanks to the practical insights and tips provided. I highly recommend MN Trading for anyone looking to gain a comprehensive and practical understanding of crypto trading.

      Bas Jansen
      Premium since 2023
    • Michaël and his team have deep understanding of the markets. The trading strategy they use is one of the better systems I have seen. It gives great returns considering risks also in the long run this strategy will strongly outperform the markets. Very happy customer.

      Frits Thomas
      Premium since 2023
    • We are client since a couple of months and happy with the collaboration.

      Merel Polak
      Premium since 2023
    • Ik ben nu twee maand onderweg met het opbouwen van vermogen via een cryptoportfolio via MNtrading. De gekozen munten zijn inderdaad diegenen die tot nu toe de topperformers zijn. Ze hebben er echt kijk op! Ik heb MNtrading leren kennen als een solide bedrijf die alles in werk stelt om je te helpen waar nodig. Ik had in het begin wat opstartproblemen/tegenslagen. Robin staat altijd klaar om te ondersteunen. Ik ga uit van mooie winsten deze bullrun en met ondersteuning van MNtrading gaat dit zeker lukken.

      Siemon Bosklopper
      Premium since 2023

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    Our Team

    Our team consists of passionate individuals with diverse backgrounds in blockchain, finance, legal and marketing.

    Michaël van de Poppe
    Founder, CIO
    Esmee Sikkens
    Amber Sikkens
    Business & Office Manager
    Jeremy Kadouch
    Rouslan Kabanov
    Content Manager
    Keanu Neuville

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