Crypto 101 Course

The all-round crypto course to get yourself kickstarted on your crypto journey. The Crypto 101: From Basics to Mastery Course will provide you all the fundamental information you need to navigate in the cryptomarkets.

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The content of the all-round Crypto 101 Course

Our goal is to provide you the tools and understanding for the kickstart of your crypto journey through an all-round 7-hour crypto course.

History of Bitcoin & Money

1.1 Introduction

2.1 What is Money?

2.2 Introduction in Bitcoin

2.3 Technicals behind Bitcoin & Proof-of-Work

Insights on Ethereum

3.1 What is Ethereum?

3.2 What is a Smart Contract?

3.3 What is Proof of Stake?

3.4 Ethereum 2.0

Overview Crypto Ecosystem

4.1 Industry overview

4.2 Difference between Tokens & Coins

4.3 Layers introduction

4.4 Smart contract platforms

4.5 Different types of tokens

4.6 Privacy-focused currencies

4.7 What are Stablecoins?

4.8 What is a DAO?

4.9 What is DeFi?

4.10 Introduction in NFT's

4.11 Metaverse & Gaming

4.12 Exchange Tokens & ICO's

Security & Wallets

5.1 Type of Wallets

5.2 Tutorial Metamask

5.3 Tutorial Ledger

5.4 Tutorial Ngrave

5.5 Exchanges and Wallets

5.6 Most common Mistakes

Starting your Portfolio

6.1 Trading, Swing Trading & Investing

6.2 Risk Management; Why is it Important?

6.3 How to build a proper Portfolio?

6.4 What is Dollar-Cost Averaging?

6.5 Examples of Portfolios

6.6 Introduction in Taxes

Introduction in Technical Analysis

7.1 Introduction in Technical Analysis

7.2 Explanation of TradingView

7.3 Introduction in reading Charts

7.4 Candlesticks

7.5 What is Volume and how to read it?

7.6 What is a Broker and Exchange?

7.7 Tutorial Bitvavo

7.8 Tutorial OKX

7.9 Tutorial Uniswap

7.10 Difference between Spot, Margin & Futures

7.11 What is Longing & Shorting?

7.12 Order types on Exchanges

7.13 Introduction in Technical Indicators

7.14 The basic Trade Patterns

7.14 10 Tips & Tricks on Technical Analysis

Introduction in Fundamental Analysis

8.1 Introduction in Fundamental Analysis

8.2 What are On-Chain Metrics?

8.3 What are Project Metrics & Coingecko?

8.4 What are Financial Metrics?

8.5 How to Investigate a Project?

8.6 Potential Red Flags on Projects

Mindset & Social Media

9.1 The concept of Compounding

9.2 Trading is a Marathon, not a Sprint

9.3 10 Beginners Lessons in Crypto & Bitcoin

9.4 Social Media: How to use it?

The vision behind the Crypto 101 Course

There's a lot of misinformation out there about cryptocurrencies, which can be misleading and confusing for beginners in the crypto markets. I've personally experienced this in the first years of my journey and I don't want you to make the same mistakes as I do. My goal with the Crypto 101 Course is to provide accurate, up-to-date, and relevant information to help you make informed decisions.

The ideal all-round kickstart

I can understand that the cryptomarkets are overwhelming. I had the same feeling when I started. That's why I wanted to create an all-round course, which consists of all the topics you need to understand and not solely Bitcoin or Ethereum. This course is a combination of educational and practical information.

This is what it looks like

Here is a quick look of what the Crypto 101 Course looks like.

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  • After trading for a while on my own, and being able to do some succesful trades, I was looking to step up my game. When I found the group, I was overwhelmed with the information. The content and the community were one of the leading factors for me to be able to grow as a trader.

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  • I'm very thankful for this platform. It helps me to improve my trading skills which are getting better day by day. Thank you!

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  • Coming from another paid group, off which several with positive experiences, I must say MN Trading is a real refreshment. They hit the right balance between content for beginners and experts. The expertise from the team is awesome, keep it up!

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  • I find it very supportive, comforting, and stable to see that you guys respond and act the same in different situations. Whether the market goes up or down, you guys have answers for me. I think the stability is one of the most valuable things in this platform, your attitude teaches me a lot.

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  • Ever since joining the group back in 2019 as a noob who hit big during the crash in 2018 I have to say I've learned a LOT from the group. The educational content helped me gradually gain more knowledge on the know-hows of crypto and trading. Would recommend the group to everyone.

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  • As a fulltime dad and lawyer, I don't have too much time to spend on my hobby's. The content in the group is awesome and gives me great tangible packages of information to get straight to the point.

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  • You guys have always been very helpful in answering my questions, I love the energy within the Discord. I've been in several paid groups and my experience with MN Trading is by far the most positive one, would for sure recommend!

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  • I got into crypto in March 2021. The group has helped me a lot during the crash in May. They kept me calm and made sure I didn't do anything stupid. Very fortunate to be a part of this community.

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Crypto 101: From Basics To Mastery

The all-round Crypto 101 Course on the entire crypto ecosystem, including technical & fundamental analysis.

only €299,-