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Do you find it difficult to decide? No problem, we got you. Get access to the Premium Discord channels for one week. All for free, so you can see how we will help you become a better trader.

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This is what it looks like

Here is a quick look of what our Discord Server looks like. This is the place where we help you become the best trader you can be! Of course feel free to aks us anything you want to know before you make your descision to join our community.

What to expect?

This is a short overview of what you may expect when you make the decision to join our community for one week.

Test the Premium

Through the trial week function, you are able to test the product for yourself. You will be able to view all premium channels, follow Trade Ideas and ask questions through our personalized Request Bot.

Improve yourself as a trader

Through the trial week membership, a small insight is provided in the abilities of the team and all the setups you could follow in the markets. Trade ideas are provided and additionally there will be educational backgrounds provided alongside them, so you are able to use this knowledge for your own trading strategies.

Real time assistance of the team

During your trial week membership, the team will assist you in the desired discussion channels or through a Direct Message if anything is unclear.

Enjoy the community

Trading can sometimes be a little bit lonely, and the markets can be overwhelming. Our community is there to guide you through it all.


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