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M&N Trading: Home


We're looking for the best and brightest.

At M&N Trading we're always on the lookout for competitive, motivated self-starters with sharp decision-making skills. Experience in trading is not required, but a passion for competition and problem-solving in a fast-paced environment is essential.

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M&N Trading, a boutique trading firm, employs talented traders in Chicago and Newport Beach and trades well over 30,000,000 futures contracts each year.

Our History

Our Profile


One of only a handful of electronic trading firms in the U.S. to have roots in the futures pits, M&N adapted quickly to the era of on-screen trading. In 1998, after several years spent trading five-year treasury notes at the Chicago Board of Trade, seasoned traders Jim Masterson and Dave Northey rewarded the hard work and dedication of a small group of their trading clerks. They opened up trading accounts for each of them, taught them the strategies they'd need to successfully trade the U.S. Treasury yield curve, and then set them loose in the night bond pit. This was the humble beginning of M&N Trading, LLC.

M&N Trading Facilities Overview

Who We Are

M & N Trading, LLC is a boutique trading firm that has been grooming traders since 1998. From our roots in the futures pits to our early entry into the age of electronic trading, we've hand-selected bright high achievers to come work for us, and provided them with the specialized tools and training they need to thrive in a competitive, yet cooperative environment.

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